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With the Help of Self-Restraint

I'm gonna clear out this customer-holds box. ~calls customer~...

The Fantasizing Realist

ddr bunbun

I'm gonna clear out this customer-holds box. ~calls customer~...

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ddr bunbun
"I'll be by in about an hour-- maybe and hour and a half-- to pick that up, is that okay?"
"Not a problem at all. I probably won't be here by that time, but--"
"Oh, no-- no, no! I want you be there when I get it so I can get your number and maybe take you out to dinner!"
"~uncomfortable giggle~ Uh, heh, nah, that's okay! That's not necessary."
"You have a boyfriend?"
"Heh, yeah, I do."
"Oh, okay. Well, I'll be by there later to pick it up, then. Hey, thanks, Leslie!"
"Sure thing. Bye." ~hangs up phone, falls over~

This is what happens when Leslie calls over-the-hill African-American truckers for the second time to remind them that they've had a watch on hold for over a month. In the end, in case you were wondering, he went and finally got the watch.
  • Only old African-American men used to hit on me, too. Know no one hits on me because I am old and married.

    Hope that you are well and had a nice holiday!
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