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With the Help of Self-Restraint

Merry Christmas to all of my friends. I wish I could call everyone…

The Fantasizing Realist

ddr bunbun

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ddr bunbun
Merry Christmas to all of my friends. I wish I could call everyone of you up and say it in person, but as is, this'll have to do. May you all be safe and happy today and through the rest of the year.

(This is different from my usual holiday e-cards, but the feeling is still the same.)

  • Cheerio,

    Enjoy all the X-mas and New-Year's cheer -... from J.C. with candy canes and kitten-poo on top,

    James and Em
    • And the same to you guys. :)
      I hope your all's semesters went well-- I wish we had talked more! May you be well and cheery.
      • Same here! I admit we've been hermits. I'd loved to have seen more of you and Jen. Don't be strangers. (it's our fault too, I know) 423- 794- 6794.

        Take Care!!

        • I'll be sure to add your number to my cell now. ~nods~ Mine's 865-382-3359 just in case you didn't already have it.

  • Hey, used to be kissmyart. You've been invited to the new incarnation of Kiss My Art, here at my community. kiss_my_art.
    • Ah, yes, so I noted earlier. I've just been a dufus and haven't switched over yet. However, as of two minutes from me typing this, it shall be done. ~nods~
  • Here's is your sketchy, madam. Not the best but it was done in Paint.

  • How embarassing... James commented and I didn't. Well this is just to see if your email is working. I know I could call you but its 11:43. I really enjoyed your visit and was wondering if you got my last email!

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