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With the Help of Self-Restraint

my car's a bad luck omen, but that's beside the point

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ddr bunbun

my car's a bad luck omen, but that's beside the point

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ddr bunbun
Good day, all.

Brief shout out to all my peeps in the 'hood.

Work is going decently-- the only one who I know for sure doesn't like my changes in policies got his egocentrism served to him on a dirty platter today by yours truly. Yeah, buddy, you know who your boss is now, don'tcha??? That's right. Other than that, the store is steadily coming along, and I have high hopes for it. First store meeting tomorrow morning to solidify in their minds that, yes, I'm their daddy. Only figuratively speaking, though. I sincerely hope they know that.
In other job news, apparently the home office person Amy likes me just sooo much that she offered me a store in Nashville (my third day back at West Town) effective August 1st. I'm finally moving out of Knoxville to a city that I've grown a little fond of. Let's cross our fingers and hope this works out all right. Needless to say, I'm a bit excited. Nervous, yes, but excited all the same. So, I'm gonna need to build up a nice little friend nucleus in the area-- anyone wanna chill sometime??

Up to this point, since classes ended I've been vegetating and not really doing anything to advance within myself like I've been wanting to. I created a list of things to do that exists as a private entry in this thing, and I've found upon retrospect that I've only done one of those things. Seems that now it is time to disengage myself from the horribly addictive Sims and commence with the furthering of Me.

I wish I'd pick a speed and get used to it.
  • I meant to ask you before, how's B. Dalton as far as employment goes? I'm really hoping to get a job at a bookstore and I'm wondering if it's any different because it's in the mall or not.
    • I absolutely loved working there. The people, especially the managers, are awesomely nice. I think you'd fit in fine.

      In terms of advancement, there's not much to be made (most people there have been there for years in their positions-- I myself was there for two years and still felt kinda like a newbie). But still! I loved it. Books, ya know? Books.
  • Hey, Leslie!

    Hope all is well in K-town. I just wanted to thank you for the birthday text message. :) I had a lovely day--Jess made me spinach lasagna and red velvet cake. Her birthday was yesterday, so we're having our big blow-out birthdayS party this weekend. I think Chuck might actually be here!

    I also wanted to update you on my travel plans. I am coming home for a week, June 29-July 6. I'm also trying to plan a 4-5 day trip to Atlanta sometime in July, but nothing's definite yet.

    Miss you lots!

    ~Gwyn :)
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