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With the Help of Self-Restraint

"You do that again, and I'm gonna break your arm." -- Bob Barker on TPIR

The Fantasizing Realist

ddr bunbun

"You do that again, and I'm gonna break your arm." -- Bob Barker on TPIR

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ddr bunbun
Every now and then you just wanna know. Enough to look, you crave that knowledge that just isn't yours. Is not yours to have-- you have no right, no claim to anything you seek, but still. You just feel that need to know something that you just plain are not going to know. Sometimes it just feels so important.

But now, I throw it out there to remind myself that I'm not made of stone, and perhaps some things never change. I leave it obscurely in the hopes that I forget what the crap I'm talking about later.
'Cause while it feels important right now, it's not. Monday proceeds into Tuesday every single week, and there's nothing I can conceivably do to ever alter that. That's just how it is.

Enough of that!
How is everyone? I've developed a bit of an affinity for private entry-making in recent times. No real reason that I can say, I'm just more and more of a solitary person as time goes by. Not that I keep things I think/feel from everyone, I'm just more picky and choosey as to who I divulge myself to-- especially when it comes to depressing things and big news. It's not exactly an anti-people perspective, it's more of a I-wanna-be-sure-you-truly-care-about-what-I'm-saying perspective. Kinda destructive to the possibilities of getting new friends, though-- I'm still trying to work out the knots in this one. :)

Jeff is a really cool regional. He's been in town the past couple of days, and I've really enjoyed getting the opportunity to work with/for him. He helped me carry inventory equipment to the car yesterday as I left work, and we did this whole "it was so nice to be able to work with you-- it's a shame it couldn't have been for longer" bit, and I really meant it. I didn't get to interact toooo much with Sharon when she was our regional, but with Jeff we've gotten into a good joking relationship, which has made me feel more comfortable calling him up when I needed advice or there was a problem. I'm hoping I get the same comfortable feeling with Megan-- so far she seems nice, so we'll just cross our fingers and see.

Today I need to get my car fixed (I can't have a car without it having starter problems) and start packing. I have boxes galore on hand, all waiting to be filled. Perhaps I should start now.
Oh! And speaking of being anti-social, after I move I'm probably gonna try chatting online a little more, especially seeing as to how I don't know many peeps at all out there outside of Knoxville. So if you see me online (blindingS on AIM) feel free to IM me. And if you want me to add you too my buddy list, drop me a line here, and I'll be more than happy to. :)

  • I hope you update more while you're gone in Nashville. Don't forget that I don't update my old journal (tiduslionheart) anymore.
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