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With the Help of Self-Restraint

Pushing the "Pull" Door... "control, P, print"

The Fantasizing Realist


Pushing the "Pull" Door... "control, P, print"

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ddr bunbun
Public entries don't typically happen. But here one is!

A note to all-- you never see these. If you do, it's 'cause I'm in a weird mood and why not? I suppose this is one of those weird moods.

I'm currently visiting my sister and her family in Fort Knox. Fun times with Eddie, ear piercing, and Jager. Whoo. I'm chillin'.

I have a cat. Crazy, eh? Well, she is, and I named her Katrina-- cute and tragic all in one. She used to be sick and pitiful, but now she's quite healthy and psychotic, running from room to room, obsessed with "mice" that you'd think were cat-nip mice but aren't. So, she's just like that.

Nashville's been a bang. Can't decide whether it's for me or not yet. I'm hoping I'm experiencing homesickness, especially seeing as to how all I've ever known has been K-town, but so far I do feel quite... something. Work is same as usual, and I've been advancing as I probably would have in K-town (aka area supervisory position and whatnot), but I miss the stability I knew. Will I go back to school? The more time passes, the more I think I shall. Finish the music major while adding in a few business courses. Go back over my numbers, math and such. It's been awhile. So far I've done nothing except watch Univision and Mtv español, perfecting that stuff. Law school? It's just down the road (physically). A possibility. We'll see.

My apartment doesn't feel like home. It still feels like a place in which I keep my stuff. If nothing else, I'd love to move to the Greenhills area where crime is lower and I'm closer to work. ~shrugs~

I've actually ventured onto AIM a couple of times recently. Good luck catching me on there more than 3 times in one week, but who knows? I may integrate myself into society more in the near future. So far I'm still pretty I-don't-feel-comfortable-unless-I'm-to-myself, but that may change. Aye, so much crap's been going on! Wanna chat?

What a crazy entry...
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