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With the Help of Self-Restraint

So, I just thought, "I'm gonna update my journal." So I am. I…

The Fantasizing Realist


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So, I just thought, "I'm gonna update my journal." So I am.

I played Sims 2 for the first time today in who knows how long. It was fun, but my computer needs a little work on it before the game isn't all slow and choppy. All in all, I'm wanting to get back into the habit of being on the computer a little more often, because even though I was slightly depressed when I was addicted to the internet before, there were bonuses about my internet life as well, and I really think that my internet addiction had nothing to do with the emotional state I was in. Nope, that was all me.

So what's going on? Work, mainly. I'm sucked into my new surroundings. I am a self-proclaimed fixer-upper for stores, and it seems as if the company supports that to the fullest. The first store I cleaned up was in K.C. in Knoxville, then back to W.T., then over to G.H. in Nashville, and as of the second week of this month, C.S. in Nashville. Ya know, when I was in K.C. back in the pseudo-beginning, I visited the C.S. mall and thought, "Dude, I'd freakin' LOVE to work in this mall!" Now I'm there, and the store's situation is... well... not favorable. The biggest problem is that the staff is incredibly lacking-- lacking of good, reliable peeps as well as of training. I'm working on nailing everything down, though, the whole while cleaning up and organizing everything around me. The storage space in there is tinier than any other Dakota I've been in, I swear! Man. Claustrophics need not apply!

What else? Oh, I work out like crazy nowadays. Even to the point of having a personal trainer. I mean, with haphazard retail management, one is almost definitely in need of a bit of stress relief, and that's exactly what it is for me. I do the extended cardio workouts, the semi-obsessive nutritional monitoring, the weight training, you name it. And I love it. Self esteem level? Slowly rising, yup.

A couple of weeks ago I inwardly celebrated the one year anniversary of my car wreck. I tell you, rolling 5 or 6 or howevermany times in a classic car is not my idea of a fun-filled afternoon. It still saddens me to think about it, but I'm still grateful that I made it out okay. I can still see very clearly in my mind that lady standing there off to the side in the crowd around me, hands clenched in her hair, tears down her face, eyes easily revealing that she fully expected to be looking at a dead body instead of me, lying there and cracking jokes in a shocked mental state. ~shudder~ She brought it all home for me, I think. Thanks again to all the people that stopped, to Kim (the girl who drove me to Lebanon University Medical Hospital), the police officers, Tad and Aaron, and all you well wishers. Let's all hope that sort of thing doesn't happen again, yes? Be safe, everyone!

I make it to Knoxville as often as I can. Family is still all there, and when there, I actually have a social life. In Nashville I'm a hardcore homebody-- something I'm trying to break from this upcoming May. See, my apartment complex has a monthly newsletter sort of thing, and in it they put a community calendar thingy which lists concerts, fairs, sports events, and whatnot. Things I've listed on my personal calendar as things I might try to check out are the Mainstreet Jazzfest, Cirque du Soleil, a James Taylor concert, the Renaissance Festival, Brooklyn Tabernacle, and the (heh) flea market (i always hear about the darned things-- why not?!). Let's see what all I go to!

That's all for now. I shall chat whicha laterz!

James Taylor's sold out. Huh. Go figure. Der.
  • James and I looked into Cirque du Soleil- it was really expensive, but perhaps you're making the big bucks now :).

    I was working out quite regularly for a while- but then all these exams happened and I've slipped back into my normal emotional eating, etc. It seems like whenever I get into a routine in life, things fall into place. But when they get crazy again, all of it falls apart.
    Thinking about the Renn Fair though, we are going to be in nashville hopefully during May. I'd like you to come hang out with Us (me, james, josh, and brandi). Would be nice to meet some peeps. You know how shy I am, so social lubrication (alcohol) would definitely be involved. I promise you'll like them, and I hope you wouldn't hate us for talking about EQ. You might even wanna come play with us- we're a great bunch of people and It would mean alot to me (and you) to have another support system. If you tried it out for a week, a month, I'm sure you'd get into it.
    I think I moved away from the internet addiction, but of course its the game that is my addiction now. But I wouldn't play if it weren't for the people that I've met- would be so awesome if you could meet them too.
  • I think I may have seen you once at most in my life, but I'm pretty sure we have been in the same city at the same time for the past half a decade.

    Nashville was a much better place for shows BEFORE Dancin' in the District got cancelled. It looks to be a really weak summer this year. The Warped Tour is finally coming back, but I have no idea who is on it now nor whether if it's worth seeing.
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    ... just watching beautiful girls doing some dirty things while hiding somewhere overnight? ;)

    Miracle? Dunno..)
    But those dreams may come true tonight.

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  • Just thought I would say "hello" and see how you're doing.Also, I thought I would let you know where I live since you're in the knoxville area(that's what I was told). I live at Country Club Apartments off of Gallaher in apt# H7. Come by and visit sometime(if you could call or email me before you come over I would appreciate it,but a surprise is better than not ever seeing you again). Hope you're enjoying your new job and you're doing well! Miss you!

  • So be it
  • That's good to know.
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